Impact ABA Services, opened its doors in January 2018, to provide outstanding ABA therapy to children (ages 2-17) with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our mission, however, goes further. We are committed to education and the dissemination of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. 


There is currently a worldwide shortage of ABA providers and that shortage is felt keenly in the state of Nevada. This shortage not only affects the availability and quality of ABA services for clients, many of whom are in desperate need, but also creates a barrier for those who want to pursue a career in behavior analysis. Impact ABA Services operates on a forward-thinking model. Hire excellent staff, provide those staff with extensive training and support, help those staff advance in the field of ABA, and provide unparalleled behavioral therapy and consultation in the process. In this way, we hope to impact not only our clients, but the field at large.


Our Clinic

We have over 4100 square feet of clinic space (full building) in South Reno.