Meet Our Clinicians


Megan McGrew           




CEO of Impact ABA Services

Megan has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2012. She began researching Autism as part of her doctoral dissertation and had the opportunity to work as a behavior technician (we used to call them “tutors”) around the same time. Through that experience, Megan discovered a passion for using the science of behavior to create meaningful change in people’s everyday lives. She decided to pursue her BCBA while finishing her doctorate and her study of Applied Behavior Analysis was integrated into her dissertation “Moral Responsibility and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Project in Philosophy, Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis.”

Prior to earning her doctorate in Philosophy (Area of Specialization: Ethics) from Florida State University, Megan worked first as a behavior tech, and then as a BCaBA for the Autism Learning Center in Columbus, GA while completing a BCBA course sequence through Florida Institute of Technology. She stayed on as a BCBA for a year with the ALC, before seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow in Colorado. It is there that she met and had the opportunity to work closely with our Clinical Director, Brandi Bramlett.

Megan relocated to the Reno area at the start of 2017. It soon became clear to her that Reno needed more clinic-based services as well as more highly trained service providers, at all levels of service delivery; Megan envisioned a clinic that could help serve both purposes and Impact ABA Services was born.


Brandi Bramlett      




Brandi has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for the past eleven years. She received her Master’s Degree in Special Education - Severe/Profound Disabilities with an emphasis on Integrated Behavior Analysis from the University of Central Oklahoma. While completing her Masters Degree, she worked with a diverse population of children and young adults diagnosed with Autism and/or other related developmental disabilities in both urban and rural areas of Oklahoma.

After completing her Masters Degree, Brandi became the School Director/Director of Clinical Operations for Good Shepherd Catholic School at Mercy (a collaboration between the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, University of Central Oklahoma ABA Program and Mercy Health Systems).

Upon becoming a BCBA, Brandi sought new opportunities in Colorado in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. While in Colorado, she provided services in clinical, in-home, residential and community settings, for children and adults with developmental disabilities with an emphasis in autism. With her experience as a special educator, Brandi is adept in facilitating collaboration between families, school districts and/or other related service providers to maximize outcomes for clients. Brandi is dedicated remaining current in ABA related topics and issues.  She is also passionate about helping individuals with disabilities meet their fullest potential and teaching society at large the science of human behavior. We, at Impact, are incredibly lucky to have such a talented, experienced, and passionate Behavior Analyst serving as our Clinical Director.