Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is individualized, and often intensive, therapy designed to effectively target and change socially significant behavior. ABA can be used to target and change virtually any kind of behavior, for any population, or environment.

ABA and Autism

ABA is not, strictly speaking, a treatment for autism. ABA is, however, uniquely positioned as an evidence-based treatment, that can systematically target the specific behavioral excesses and deficits of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. 

Our Treatment Model

At Impact we work toward independence by delivering individualized and effective treatment to our clients. Though each program is customized to meet individual needs, there are some elements that will be held in common:

  • Treatment across Multiple Environments   

    • Behaviors that are specific to an environment, often require treatment in the context of that environment. For this reason, we offer therapy in the clinic, in the home, and even in the grocery store (or other community locations) if it is necessary for effective treatment.

  • Extensive parent/caregiver training & Participation

    • Consistency is critical for long-term behavior change. At Impact we believe in equipping parents and caregivers with all the tools and support they need to effectively manage and maintain behavior change. In addition to the individual training built into all of our treatment planning, we offer monthly parent workshops, on relevant topics.

  • Highly trained staff

    • In addition to attaining and maintaining the RBT credential, our staff are continually refining their skills and experience with extensive ongoing training. Staff are also encouraged to seek higher credentials in the field of ABA (BCaBA, BCBA) and receive incentives, including access to a structured and comprehensive supervision program, for doing so.

  • data-driven treatment decisions

    • Taking data and frequently analyzing that data is critical to effective ABA treatment. Treatment decisions will never be made without explanations based in science and backed up by hard data.

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